hi guys
so heres the story, i almost got done tuning my 3.3 yesterday but we had a big thunderstorm come over so i had to retire it for the day.
so i wake up the next day to a beautiful sunny day and think awesome, time to tune that baby and do
some bashing, but it wouldn't start.
i thought its probly flooded, (which it was) so i cleared that, but still nothing, so i thought i havnt had to
change the original glow plug that came in it, so i changed that.....nothing, so i tried 5 more glow plugs to no avail.
the ez start seems to be working just fine, still turning the engine over no problem, it just won't make the glow plugs....glow.
i pulled the blue glow plug wire and checked it and the yellow earth wire and there both fine, i checked the plug for the ez start and its nothing loose either.
any ideas?