Just got a traxxas wheelie bar and when i removed the toe link screws the threads
Were on the screws! This made for a very sucky evening as i cursed and came
Close to filming the death of a summit via a 12 gauge loaded with 00buck.

This is not the first time that the threads have followed screws on this truck
the rockers also did this but were much eaiser to repair then the threadless
Diff that i was left with.. as you can imagine i am not a happy camper , after
3 hours and some loctite and a bit of ca for now the screws r secure for now.

I have concerns as to how long this will last till they r pulled free frm the diff.
well my rampage vent is over for now but a call to texas is in order for Monday
i do like nylon / plastic but in combination with a fine thread screw it sucks..