Hello Guys!!! I am proud to announce, that I am now a Summit Owner!!! I am so thrilled to have this thing, and let me tell you, it has blown my mind! Not the fact of how awesome the body is, but the size of this thing is MASSIVE!!! I have already broken in the motor and put about 4 battery packs through it, and I have yet to be disappointed with this Summit. Breaking in the motor was so much easier than I thought it would be too. I have run it a little outside, probably half of the first two packs cause of the motor break in, and then the other 2, and let me tell you, it was so worth the money. I know you guys said to go easy on it, and I think I have been. I have played around with the high low transmission and the diffs outside on my curb, and this thing crawls up it like a beast! It even crawled over a fallen tree that was laying on the ground too. And, just so I will be able to get a First Person View next time I drive it, I mounted my new GoPro on it for video. Here are some picks: