Howdy Summit brothers and sisters!

My 18v Dewalt drill motor died the other day. I crushed the handle by dropping it 20 ft.

I've removed, and cleaned the motor and soldered some thick wire to the motor tabs. I plan on using 6.5 bullet connectors and hooking the 18v Dewalt to my spare Mamba Monster Extreme ESC. (It has the castle cap pack on it). I plan on running the motor ESC combo on two 3s 45c 4500 mah lipos.

I have a motor plate from kershaw designs that should work for the motor.

There will be picture s to come. I intrested on peoples thoughts about he 18v Dewalt. I could nt find any threads using the google to show people using an 18v Dewalt with a mamba ESC.

Wish me luck gentlemen.

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