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Thread: What to grease?

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    What to grease?

    I am currently in the process of replacing half the stock parts of my ERBE with upgrades, and one question in particular has been bugging me ever since I started: what should I use grease on?

    CVDs, for example. I would have thought they're a prime candidate for soem major greasing, but MIP instructions didn't mention using any chemicals other than red thread locker. Same with Traxxas center CVDs.

    And how about pillow balls? Hex hubs? Bearings?

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    I grease up the axle stubs on my cvds but just cleaned off the dog bone end of them. Greasing the bearings is a good idea. No need to grease up the hex hubs if you already greased up the bearings. The pillow balls are 50/50. Im not sure if its good to grease them. You would think its a good idea to do so but when i lubed up my pillow balls, it became easy for them to pop out of the carriers.
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    No need to lube the pillow balls. If you use anything there, just use a dry lube like graphite. I think it is a good idea to use some grease on the cvds especially since they are'sealed'. I would use something thinner for the bearings, most hobby shops should carry some good bearing lube.
    Other than that nothing really needs anything besides to obvious differentials.

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    Hi temp grease in the diffs ring and pinion, lightweight silicone on the cvd joints, light bearing oil for the bearings.

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    grease & oil will attract dirt, so reg maintenance is a must. I'm lazy only thing I lube is the diffs & trans. (white lith)
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    I use sullivan's dry ice on any metal to metal contact that doesn't have a boot. Goes on wet and leaves behind a teflon coating when it dries. I use acer sin oil on bearings and only grease I use mobil one synthetic on ring and pinions

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