Has anybody done or heard of this event? I have always wanted to do it and this year I have the funds to partake in it. Today I just took part in the anti-Football run sponsored by the same company and it was just an absolute blast. We had over 300 cars 25 years and older driving along the best roads in the bay area. At one point we had literally a line of beautiful classics, about 30 plus.

It started out by meeting at 8:00am at a restaurant on the water. I got there about 20 minutes late, so I had to look around for a parking spot. And with all the people cruising the lots, it was a little bit difficult. But I found a spot and turned in my registration form.

At 9:00, people started heading out. Since I didn't know anybody there, I headed out too. So, we cruised on the street until we got to a stop light before a freeway on-ramp. A very big loud, yellow car was in front of me that sounded great. It was called a Henrey Jay and it had a screaming v8 engine. He was being a total show off to everyone that was behind him though. He was one of the few cars there today that had a v8, besides me. Despite this I kept my cool and cruised onto the freeway. We drove on the freeway for about 10 minutes, and I realized what an amazing site had appeared. We were all in a line of 30 plus cars, driving on the freeway. It was just so cool, I got such a special feeling that I can't exactly describe.

For the beginning half, I got stuck behind a totally awesome Desoto Suburban. The driver in that thing was handling tight windy roads like a champ, I had a ball watching him. I kept plenty of room in between me and him, I didn't want to pressure him. Then the road opened up, and I passed him.

For about 20 miles we drove through unbelievable country side roads. The roads were through huge rolling planes and most of it was fresh pavement and everybody was just going at it. This road was perfect. I kept on thinking to myself how could it get any better then this. The only problem was, I was behind a Citroen DS and he was going slow. Finally though he pulled off to let me pass. He wasn't being a jerk, it's just there wasn't anywhere he could pull over to let me and a group of about 15 other cars go!

So now, I was in front of a group of about 15 cars and I couldn't see anyone for quite awhile. Since I didn't really know where I was going, I pulled over to let the group of cars in front of me pass. So as I watched them pass, I didn't notice any slow looking cars. About 9 of the 15 or so cars were Porsche 911's, so that was good news because I wouldn't worry about them going slow. But the Porsche that I was behind, MAN did that think sound good. Those older air-cooled Porsche engines have such a raspy sound to them I just love it. But then, I had to pull over to go to the bathroom. I really wanted to stay with this group, but I just had to go.

So after going to the bathroom at a pretty scary looking abandoned school, I was back on the road. But I was by myself and didn't know where I was going, so I pulled over and set my gps up which took about 15 aggravating minutes. They are such a pain sometimes. And I was delighted that I would stay on this same road for 22 more miles. Since I wanted to catch up, I really went at it. I have never pushed my car this hard and it was such a thrill doing so. It was just me, the road, and Eleanor. Turn after turn, I just couldn't get enough. It was a sensational moment, I was one with my machine. Before I knew it, I had caught up to the group of Porsche's and was back to doing what everyone else was doing, cruising. But I didn't really understand why everyone was cruising, the road we were on was perfect.

But, pretty soon the roads really opened up. There was a long straight away along a lake that everyone accelerated hard on, but I was laid back about it and maintained my cruising speed. And I'm happy I did, because at the end of the straightaway there was a stop sign that was a right turn onto a two lane road that was completely straight and you could see it for miles. So as I was pulling up to the turn, I saw that an old Alfa had broken down. Three cars were stopped at the stop sign trying to help the guy in the Alfa out. So I figured that they definitely know more then me about old Alfa's, and passed them up. But as I passed them, everyone accelerating hard onto the two lane straight road was all I could pay attention to. The car in front of me was that same Porsche 911, and he left that stop sign about 5 seconds before me and accelerated out HARD. That raspy exhaust sound was just shouting "Look at me!" So, I wanted to see if I could catch him. And I gave her all she's got, tabs fully open my car was just howling through the countryside and I caught up to him pretty quick.

By the time we hit our next turn, I had managed to pass the row of the Porsche's and a couple other cars so I was in front of the pack. The guy behind me wasn't pressuring me, so I brought my speed down to a nice cruise which our group maintained for about 15 Minutes.

Then at a stop sign, a Ferrari 355 passed us from the other road and he was going slow, until I caught up to him. He started going all out and I wanted to hang with him. And I ended up chasing this guy down through a mixture of windy mountain roads and open long straight away's.

Through the corners, I had some trouble keeping up with him but coming out of corners and on the straight away's I was right with him. But me pacing him led to some trouble, because I was miles ahead of the group of Porsche's, and the Ferrari wasn't going to the same place as the rest of the group. So, I got lost and had to regroup by looking at the gps and figuring out where the heck I was. After I did, I turned around and started heading in the right direction. Once I got back on the main road, I met up with a guy in a Sunbeam Tiger. He said he knew where he was going so I decided to follow him. So at the next stop sign he told me that there weren't anymore turns besides a right, and he let me go in front of him.

So once again, I charged through the countryside and was having a blast. And then, I caught up to that Yellow Henrey Jay that was being a total showoff earlier. I knew that his car had a serious v8 under the hood and the guy driving was a hot driver so I started pacing him. That was the loudest car in the whole show. When he got on the power it was honestly like a hurricane of noise. Despite all his loud noise, I was hanging with him just fine. And I ended up staying with him throughout a lot of the ride. But then, The right turn at the stop sign came up that the guy in the Sunbeam Tiger told me about, and I wanted to see if I could pass the Henrey Jay. Put him in his place, and show him that a new sheriff is in town. And sure enough, he went at it full power. I started accelerating as hard as I could out of the stop sign, and he was still going at it in front of me. But I was closing the gap between us. Before he knew it, I was passing him on his left. Victory. Afterwards, I ended up talking to him, and it turns out he had a 700-hp supercharged Chevy in his car. Moral of the story, no matter how fast you think your car is, don't think your the fastest!!

So has anyone done this event or the California Mille?? I really want to do it after the amazing experience today!