About once in every 5 times I hit the throttle my brushless 16th Summit will stop immediately with the indicator on the 3m esc flashing green and not go until I let off the throttle and grab the trigger again. It functions as normal until randomly some 5 to 8 throttle squeezes later it does it again.

I know the error relates to the throttle not being set to zero so I have reset the transmitter to factory settings and my switch is in the 50/50 position on the radio. I am still having this issue.

Has anyone else experienced this? My 16th brushless E-Revo has the standard TQ3 and has never had this issue. My 16th Slash has the 2.4 TQ and has not experienced this issue. (Yes, I like the 16th brushless vehicles). It's nearly identical to my Summit other than the 2.4 TQ which is having this odd issue.

They have all ran on lipo and on nicad, but for sake of argument this has happened to me on the nicad power every time as I haven't used the lipo's in a while.