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    front suspension mod and new rear shocks

    well I bought the dual coil proline shock for the rear of my car and I took my stock rear shocks and mounted them on the front but I moved the upper shock mounts more center point.. which keeps the stock ride height and adds a lot more down travel.. I read somewhere not sure if it was true but the front mod adds about 20% more travel.. the rear prolines are awesome if the fronts work out well in that position ill buy another rear set of prolines for the front.. ill be building a slash with the hardcore kit to here in a few weeks..

    front shock mod

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    Maybe i will give your idea shot,not that I don't like my set up now,but running on clay is harder than I thought.
    I have a set of hardened shafts for one of my rear set's of stock slash shocks.[IMG][/IMG]
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