So I previously posted this in the pic thread;

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Started as Emaxx Brushless Edition


Hobbywing 150A V2 XERUN ESC
Futaba 4PKS RX / TX
Axial 8 Spoke Chrome Wheels
Proline Big Joe 40 series tyres
HPI Vorza 17mm Hexes
Tekno Axle Carriers
RPM A-Arms (purple)
Traxxas Steel CVD center driveshafts
Stock diffs shimmed
FLM Bulkheads
FLM Shock Towers
UE SuperMaxx Shocks x 4
ProGraphix Emaxx Body

Possibly in the future;

FLM 1/8 Hybrid Diff / Bulk
FLM Chasis
Single servo conversion
That was some months ago. Since then I've had to move from Brisbane to Gladstone and have been putting more effort into my short course truck, SCX10 and started racing 1/8 buggy. The last time I took my Emaxx out I popped the rear toe end out on the local tracks jump (is a very consistent problem) and stripped one of the RPM a-arms where the pillow ball screws in, which was my fault, I had the cup done up too tight and something had to give. Also needed new body posts as I destroyed the previous ones, happens when you go 50m up the road with no shell on and you're upside down.

So the car has sat around needing a few bits and pieces. Steering servos work but the clicking sound given by them indicates there are some teeth likely missing, the torque with the Big Joes is also lacking. Sick of the toe rod ends coming out. Hinge pins are all bent which prevents arms moving freely. It's all been annoying me a bit so I went to buy some parts to repair it but being in Australia and parts taking forever to get in I figured stuff it, I'm going to hit the whole thing in one go.

On order now;

FLM Hybrid bulks with 1/8 diffs
FLM Aluminium chasis (non-LCG, I don't like the way the batteries sit in the LCD)
Savox Brushless 'Monster Torque' servo (2270SG from memory) (444oz/in @ 7.4v)
Castle Creations 10amp BEC
Lunsford Titanium hinge pins
4 x Black RPM A-Arms
Front and Rear Traxxas Aluminium Toe Links

I'll be getting some new pics as I do this also.