After seeing rizz0d's tubber build and what inspired him for making a tuber, I decided i wanted to copy. Well with my own twist to it.

So far its a learn in progress. So far I am learning how to braze(more on this later), and do metal work. Alittle back round, before we start. Iam a RN and a Radiology tech. I also do general maintenance on my car. As you can see, nothing i do deals with fabricating.

Brazing is very new to me(tried to solder many times, but never cought on), my biggest suggestion is get the correct solder and flux. Tried some off the shelf stuff from home depot, and that stuff didnt work. The metal will get too hot for the solder and flux. You have to have silver solder and paste flux. The brand I used was harras(sp) safty silv 56. Just like Rizz0d said "its cake". Lets just say it was very easy to pick up. And is very strong.

Okay now to the first (unfinished)

These are pics of what it looks like/what iam trying to do. Basically I want to follow the chassi.

The profile i want. Yes it is very low, Meyby you can call this a rock buggy?

an example of my ghetto holders

joint details


Now iam calling the above tubber v0.01. V0.01 was me trying to rush to build it, and as you can see the last picture it doesnt really match up, also i wanted to build the main loop from one rod. Tomorrow if I can get some more material I will start with v1.00. The bends will be better, will match the chasi better also. V1.00 will incorporate more sections in the lower loop, two sides and one back(possibly 2 backs.) Also I will make the mount for the tuber.

Tips for people who want try this.
-buy at least one extra mapp gas can
-buy the correct solder and flux
-buy extra rod
-have a plan
-keep bends and designs simple, break them up if it has to be complicated.