My wife picked up a QR-1 for me to mess around with and I'm having a bit of an issue with maintaining a consistent hover. If I try to raise my altitude to a couple of feet off the floor, it seems that it is constantly dropping back to the floor as soon as I try to back off the throttle in an attempt to stay at the altitude. It seems like backing off the throttle even 1 or 2 percent is enough to drop it all the way back to the floor before it catches itself and goes back up a bit.

Am I supposed to be constantly adjusting the throttle to keep it at a given altitude? I'm a first timer with any sort of copter, so I could very well be doing something wrong. I've tried the adjustments for stabilization but so far, no luck. Also checked to see that none of my motors are binding and they all appear to be ok.

Any suggestions would be great!