Hi all, I have been a long time reader, but a new member YAY I have a 3906 emaxx, and i am upgrading to a BL system. I know i do not want the castle, tekin, or any other high end combo solely because of the price. I am willing to pay up to 150-200 for the esc and motor that I get.

I would love all of your comments on suggestions. I have found this combo

And would like to know your thoughts. First of all, is toro even a good brand? Both the motor and esc look oddly similar to the ******* ********* products. I believe those are quite well built, so why wouldn't these? I am looking into this combo because it is 2320kv which should give good speed on 4s, but it is also a 6 pole motor which should add some torque. Am I correct in my thinking there? I am going to run 4s lipo with a 72t spur and an undecided pinion.

And for the record, i have already upgraded to 3.3 driveline, 4 screw diffs, and am waiting for my steel idlers and Robinson Racing slipper kit to come in. does anybody know what size drill bit to use for the input shaft roll pins? Im hoping to get the motor and esc soon.

If youve read all of this, i thank you for your comments and thoughts, i know you are all a great community here and i look forward to helping others once i have the knowledge