How's it going guys!! I'm back to traxxas after stints with HPI, Ofna, AE, and a few others, lol. I even went back to nitro for awhile!! But I am back, and looking to build a bad***** basher E-maxx!!

What I have: A New Brushless E-Maxx, Castle Powered
What I Want: The Ultimate Basher

Ok, so this is what I know I want to use:

FLM Chassis
FLM Bulkhead Braces
FLM Hybrid Bulks w/ Hyper 7 diffs
LST2 Axles
UE Supershocks or Traxxas Bigbores (Undecided)
Tekno Axle Carriers
RC Monster Cups
RPM Arms all the way around

What I still need advice on: the rest in short, lol. Looking for skids, and anything else that needs replacing to make this thing bulletproof. Any ideas?

For the batteries, how have you guys been mounting them to the FLM chassis'?

Also I have done the Tekno carriers before on my ERBE project, Project Stygian in the ERBE forum here, but I had issues with the bearings going out way early and I got good ceramics. I think something was off in the fitment so what have you guys done with a setup like this?

What pinion do I need to pick up for the ofna diffs? The hyper 7 pinion?

This is the chassis I am going to use:

Will the cups be a direct fit on the pinion or are they 6mm and I will need to get 8mm cups for the ofna pinions? Do the RC Monster Cups line up with the FLM driveshafts properly because I had to get a custom driveshaft for my erbe when I built it.

For the LST2 axles, will they fit with the hybrid bulks, ofna diffs, rpm arms, and tekno carriers without having to space out the carriers too much?

I looked at a few build threads, but none really stated technically what they used that I could see.

Any help would be much appreciated and I will be starting the build as soon as some funds come in, lol. This is going to be a much slower build than my erbe was lol.

I was also curious to see if anybody has found an advantage to using a 1717 over the 2200 it comes with?