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    No worries's a link to the latest manual if you don't have the latest.

    Nice rig by the way .
    Rock n Rolla !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx_Man94 View Post
    Hey guys 50togo already have Rpm Arms that will be my only upgrade unless things break . Yes 87 GN i will need to buy all Telementry accesories and install them.

    What are they like to install?

    Any threads here on the installation?
    I just got a erbe a couple weeks ago and came with all the telemetry stuff on the truck but wasn't disclosed on the box. Check the motor for the temp sensor and the gear cover for the rpm sensor.

    My original erbe that I got in sept didn't have the telem stuff but I added it, it was easy to install.

    What color is your motor case? My first was green the new one is black.

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