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    New summit owner here

    Coming from a brushless stampede and emaxx. Sold them about 6 months ago. Just moved to a place that snows more and haven't felt much like flying planes lately. Did a quick search on craigslist and found a deal I couldn't refuse. Paid 260 and this is what I got. Gently used 1/16 brushless summit. 2 traxxas nimh batts, 2 traxxas 2s lipos, tq radio, nimh charger, an extra NIP vxl esc and motor (thats 120 worth right there), and all sorts of spare parts. Complete transmission, front and rear rpm a arms, set of 4 axles with carriers, an extra set of axle carries, steel cvd gear set, 4 pinions, 55t spur gear, extra traxxas servo, extra body clips, series, and parallel connectors, and more spare parts I can't remember off the top of my head. Great deal in my opinon. Didn't realize how small these trucks were after having the bigger boys. I've done some browsing and it seems the most recommended upgrades is to trade out some parts for MERV parts. I have looked all over the traxxas website and can't find a merv. Is that like a nickname for it or something. What parts are really necessary for me to upgrade. I will probably also run 3s batts on this. I also had another question. I see that the 1/16 revo and this one are basically the same truck with a few different parts. What makes the revo go faster? Smaller tires and gear ratio? Could I simply put on smaller tires and a higher pinion and spur gear to get it faster. Have only tested it once since I bought it as its dark on my street. Was running the 2 nimh's in parallel. I'll have to try them out tomorrow in series and also try it on the 2s lipos. Also had another tire question. Will the stampede 2.2 tires bolt up fine on this truck, and also are they the same size?
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