I can't believe their isnt an industry standard for "c" ratings. It would really be helpful for the RC Industry to the Lipo. Good thing about this forum is tons of stuff is tried and true. I never really could tell this difference in packs on a Traxxas Electric System but on my Castles it really does and i'm sure other brands like Tekin, Novak, & etc. Probably the 4-pole & 6-pole setups really need the Amp rating to be true.

I've never spent a whole bunch on Lipo packs because of the helpful info that was passed to me when I did get into them. The ones i've used and have treated me very well, SPC, ProMatch, Traxxas, & Gens Ace (some don't like, but hey it's one of my oldest). I've run everything from 25c, 30c, 40c, 50c & 60c. This is from the brands above, and you can totally tell the difference when WOT & gearing to match, they just deliver.

There is a pack above that the hard case came undone on from bashing and stamped inside on the wrap was a higher rating than what was on the outside of the pack.

Anyways this may not mean a thing or it might be helpful. Just thought i'd pass what i've come across.