My son has a 1/16th grave digger and today I bought a used MERV and started swapping parts. My plan is to have a 2 wheel drive brushed revo that the wife or guest can play with and then my son and myself will have my MERV and his grave digger to play with.

I swapped over the front wheel drive gear, vxl-3m, motor, motor mount, receiver and transmitter
I would like to gear his down so there is as little strain on the motor as possible to keep the temps down and make it last as long as possible. .

Currently I am running the 23/55 combo out of the digger and the torq is out of this world. a 3s lipo is not controllable at all... He will only be running the stock series 1 Nimh batteries but I just wanted to play with it for a few minutes.

What gearing should I go with to help achieve my goal? I didn't know what difference the large grave digger tires would have on the gearing..

What makes the Digger sit so much higher than the MERV? The only obvious things I could see was chrome plated springs vs. red. Are the springs the only difference in ride height?