I have the brushed Revo (well xmas for my


He's only used it 3 times. Now it went out of sync or something and the receiver won't turn green.

The battery in the car is fully charged, and the light on the receiver is solid red.

When I press the ezset button, it goes to flashing green. Instructions say its not making a connection.

Also, when I try the full reset option (hold the button, release when red, when flashes once push throttle etc) it doesn't flash ready for me to move throttle.

I checked inside and opened the receiver box inside the car. Some very small amounts of water but only in the screw holes

Anything else I can try to 'sync' it back, if that's the issue? Its only a day old so pretty frustrated.

It stopped working just as he used it today, went about 10 ft then stopped and wouldn't sync after that.