I wasn't going to make a rebuild thread, but I am bored and heavily concussed, so let's get started. The differentials were the first to go, and with the help of Craig.mitch316 I finally found some Losi differentials and bought two of them instantly. http://www.ebay.com/itm/370709252056...84.m1439.l2648 I think that seller owes you a finding fee Craig I also wanted to use the stock driveshafts so I cut the threaded end off part#5454 and filed them down on the edges to replace the output cups on the new diffs. I recently created a thread that asked for bearing sizes, you can ignore that as I was confused on where the bearings go. The Losi output cups have a 6mm shaft the connects to the spider gear via a pin that goes through a hole on the inside. No new parts needed.

Getting the Losi Cvd off was an adventure in itself. Heat everything up with a hair dryer, NOT a heat gun. I unscrewed the screw that connects the shaft to the black ring around the (rosie) pinion gear. After that is out of the way i re-heated everything with the hair dryer and a quick shot of wd-40. With the black ring clamped in a vise, being careful not to clamp the bearings, I tapped a hammer onto a flathead screwdriver on the end of the pinion opposite the teeth and it slowly came out.

Now, to trim the bulkheads. I would recommend doing this slowly (and not concussed) because I accidentally cut through the side of my first one. Stupid mistake, and I didn't even need to take any material out of there I also used a cutting wheel on major removal of material, if you do this, go slowly and small cuts and let the plastic cool or you will end up with this:

This also creates quite a mess, there is much more of this in the trash and still on the table.



Trimming the chasis was rather simple. You just need to take out most of the stops that weakly held the stock bulkheads in place originally. I also took a little off where the ring gear bulge is.

For the center driveshafts I ordered Kershaw designs's center dogbone kit and Dan is substituting the diff inputs for 8mm drive cups and the front shaft to the shorter silver one. That should be here in about a week or so.

I have always been a bit different than everyone else throughout my life, and my stuff reflects that, so I originally painted the motor plate and bulkhead ties red. After track sessions, bashing and a trip through soft sand dunes the paint was needing touch up and I wanted something different. A while ago I polished my motor mount, and it came out well. I decided to just go for it and do the rest of the aluminum up to 600 grit sandpaper. After all of the sanding was done, I polished it with mothers mag and aluminum. I also used a Dremel polishing wheel, but again watch the heat, polishing with a Dremel can get it VERY hot.

I did the same with the fins on the motor, because they were looking dull and they didn't shine at all anymore. I could only go the one direction on the motor, but it still came out well. Sorry about the tape, I was protecting the other polished parts.

I finally opened the transmission and it was time to replace the bearings. (5x11x4 and 6x12x4) I am using Avid bearings simply because they are $1 each and I have heard good things about them.

The stock wing lasted well, but it finally gave up on me. I found a pack of 4 proline hd wing and they were $15. All that needs to be done is drill two holes and you are done. To spread some of the force from crashes and wheelies I got 2 fender washers. The inner hole diameter is 3/16 and the outer is too big for my liking. I will look into getting something a little smaller, but hey, the were 28 cents.

That is the extent of the major changes. I still have a few things to do: lights, wires, hd diff cups, and putting it all back together,but I really like how well things have come and nothing major has gone wrong yet So far, I have spent about $150 on parts, which is quite a bit, but I shouldn't be going through ring gears every other pack.

Thank you Revoroller and craig.mitch316, without both of your threads I never would have thought about doing the diff conversion.