I'm not talking about 2 x 2s making 14.8v... I mean 2 x 2s in parallel making one big 2s lipo ?
I have 2 5400 2s Lipos and tried them in a new to me summit with a MMM/200 in it. I tried running it today with the two Lipos wired parallel. Well I have to say it was beyond gutless. I was very disappointed. Now I know it was designed for 4-6s but my MMP/2400 in my slash would rip on 2s..
I'm only wondering if anyone else has tried this, and whether or not I got a dud or am I expecting to much from 7.4volts. ?
In low it works ok, but in high range it won't even spin on gravel. I checked all the settings with my castle link and set all throttle EPA's and expos.. Gonna try series 2s for 14.8v when I get a series connector.


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