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Thread: New lipo bad?

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    New lipo bad?

    Bought two new traxxas 2s 7600 mah lipos for my summit... One pack is great the other was WAY!!! Out of balance. Doesnt seem to want to charge over 3.85... So one cell is 4.2 other is 3.85. Discharged thru my hitec x4, got to withen .11 of each other, did balance charge at .2amps and it seems stuck on 3.84/4.02... Getting away from each other again... Anything i can do or is it shot?? For the price of these things its REDICULOUS to have one bad :X suppose to get 4-8" snow and i spent $170 bucks for absolutly nothing it seems, well would make a nice door stop... LHS is a hour drive one way after gas these stupid batts cost me a lot... Not happy

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    if you have a specific "Balance" setting on your charger, give that a try. Otherwise, if you're just using the lipo charge with the leads, you're just charging it regular and using the leads to display individual cell voltage.

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    Call Traxxas... they stand behind their products. If there is something wrong, they will do their best to make it right.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    there must have been a mistake in the factory process
    All I need now is to set a new lap record.

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    Ummm.... have you NEVER bought a product that was defective before? It happens. Most companies will stand behind a defective product and replace it for free if its a manufacturing defect. Sounds to me like you got a bum cell and just need a new pack. Its not the end of the world man.

    Before posting up complaints here, EVERYONE should FIRST try calling traxxas support. %90 of the time they can and will help you get whatever isnt working, back up and running, one way or another. Posting complaints here without first giving them a chance to fix the problem is overly dramatic.

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