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    Question Spartan VXL-6s Problem

    Had my Spartan for a week now and has worked fine everyday with standard nimh batteries. Received my lipo's today and followed the manual to turn the low voltage protection on and now I have the light flashing green on the esc and only steering no throttle. Any ideas please guys?

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    Throttle Neutral Protection
    If the transmitter’s throttle neutral position is moved after the VXL-6s speed control has been switched off, the speed control will not recognize the new position when it is turned back on and will not operate the throttle. This prevents the boat from running out of control due to an accidental change
    of the neutral position. If Throttle Neutral Protection detects that the throttle neutral position has changed, the VXL-6s speed control’s green LED will blink and it will beep steadily. Return the throttle trim position to neutral to resume normal throttle operation.
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