I just bought my 1st hobby grade RC truck 5 days ago, a stampede 4x4 VXL that came with a TQI 2 channel transmitter. I drove my truck at the beach 3 days ago and realised that I had to be within 10-15 m of the car to control my truck. I thought this was normal being a noob so didnt think anything of it. After looking at reviews and such, I realise now that that's not supposed to be the case. I tested it out at home and discovered that the transmitter only works till about 15m range max. And this range can only be gotten by pointing the transmitter directly at the car. Without pointing the transmitter directly at the car, i can only get max range of about 10 metre or less. Anything further then that and the red LED light will start blinking and i will lose control. My transmitter is the TQI 2 channel transmitter and does not have any antenna.I am staying in Singapore thus I dont think I will be able to send them the transmitter to flush. I am wondering whether the problem lies with the transmitter or the receiver. Anyone got any ideas?