I know you guys get asked this alot, did a search and couldn't get a good answer.

I've done some research and want to get a Revo. I will use this in the hardpack dirt and some sandy areas in the SoCal deserts. I am looking at 2 used Revos.

#1 - Revo 3.3, stock, can probably get it for ~$225-250. I would be the third owner. Looks clean from the pictures, owner says it runs good and needs nothing.

#2 - Revo 2.5, probably $150. Owner bought it new, says it only had 5 tanks of fuel max through it. Like new condition. Hasn't run in a few years, so I would have to buy it and get it running when I get home.

So obviously I have no idea if either motor was properly broken in, or how much they were beaten. If I bought the 2.5 I would upgrade to a Picco or at least a new 3.3 through the Traxxas motor upgrare program. I am a total gearhead and am not afraid of taking either of them totally apart and going through them.

From what I read, the 3.3 is a bit longer and better suited for hard dirt. I will be running around with 2-3 firneds that have Slashes, one is a 4x4 the other 2 2wd. None are lipo or brushless. I want good handling, explosive power, and durability.

Why I am considering the 2.5 is I can get the motor upgraded to new for ~$60-70 if I read about the motor upgrade program right. Then I have a 2.5 with a new 3.3 engine for less than the 3.3, and I can use the rest of the money on other upgrades. I will go to a sway bar, and close ratio tranny definately on either. I will probably get a Picco and a pipe later after I get used to the truck and want more out of it.

What do you think?

BTW, I was considering a new Slayer before I started looking at the Revo. The Revo is ~$600 locally new, and Slayer ~$425.