Hi guys hope you can help me,
I recently purchased a Traxxas 1/16 e-revo brushed(#7105, XL2.5, Titan 12T 550) with TQ transmitter, standard-charger & one 7.2v battery-pack 1200mah from a previous owner. Couple Nights ago I fully charged the battery for the erevo before taking it out for a run in the ice/snow(half inch-mild) parking lot from a store, ran smoothly and it lasted 11min. Brought it back home, cleaned it and charged the battery for 5 hours as instructed by manual. Yesterday I stopped by the local hobby shop to purchase a second 7.2v 1200mah battery pack & a parallel wire-harness for double duration. Charged the new battery, installed the 2 battery packs with the wire-harness to the wire from the ESC, took it out in the ice/snow(over 1inch-medium)parking lot behind my apartment, ran ok but it only lasted 9min when i was expecting 15-17min.

Could it be that the battery packs depleted quick due to the ice/snow exposed?
Motor & ESC slowed down?
BTW: CLIMATE WAS -7 C..........could that make a difference or be the case?

Any help will be appreciated. Thank You!
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