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    Discussing other brand engines. ??

    I know I will probably be kicked of the forum for this but so be it.

    Why is it such a big deal that other brand engines & how to tune them cannot be discussed on this forum, they are being used in Traxxas cars & trucks etc, is it the same for electric motors as well, I haven't looked in the electric section much really.
    The people using other brand engines in their Traxxas vehicles obviously wanted something different but still want to talk to other people who have done the same thing to their Traxxas vehicles.
    Is there really anything wrong with discussing the tune on an O.S, RB or Picco engine here if its in a Traxxas car, I don't see what the problem is really. Is it because new people to the forum see that others have changed their engine to another brand so they might do it to.
    How about Traxxas give people the choice & make more than 1 or 2 engines, then people might stay with the Traxxas brand, as long as the quality is right up there then there shouldn't be a problem.

    I come to this forum to talk about & find info about my Revo from other Traxxas owners, as most people would, after all it is a Traxxas forum, it shouldn't matter what engine, motor or any other hop up parts are used, its still a Traxxas car, buggy or truck.

    No doubt this thread will e deleted but I just thought something should be said & I'm not trying to offend Traxxas or anyone else, just stating what I think as alot of people here have different parts & engines in their Traxxas vehicles.
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    I answered your questions and even posted the link in your other post in the Revo forum.
    Again, here's the link:

    Traxxas pays the expenses of this forum and website and it is free to us. We do not even have to own or prove that we own a Traxxas product to join, we do not pay to become a member here nor is there outside advertising on the site.
    Let's say you own a company, you manufacture a product. Someone else builds a business that manufactures products that will work with yours. Why should you--who has a website and forum and a customer service center--pay the expenses and provide support for someone else's products even though they work with yours? Why should Ford provide product support to non-Ford parts that have been replaced by Steeda, Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Eibach, etc?
    This is Traxxas' house, it is privately owned and they can make the rules to determine what transpires here. Much like if I go to your house, I have no right to complain if you won't let me use profane words around the children, belittle your character, hit on your wife or throw a baseball through the walls. I do that and you have the right to kick me out and I have no recourse--even cannot claim my freedom of speech (here is the US, not sure what this is considered in AU) has been compromised. You have the right to say what will and will not happen in your house. Traxxas has that same right here in their forums.
    It's not only the engines, but also other parts, whether they are RPM, Proline, HPI, Integy, et al. They made the product, they have to provide support for it. Traxxas has a great reputation for customer service and you may take a risk of little to no service with the others. Traxxas should not bear the expense of product support when the profits of that product went to some other manufacturer or competitor.
    There are plenty of other forums to discuss whatever you want when you want. You are not the first to bring this up, you are not going to be the last. Fact is the answer will remain the same. This site is for Traxxas support only.
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