Well I was at home depot today spending my tool allowance money from work and I walked by the chain section and decided to buy 30 feet of #14 jack chain. So when I got home I decided to make a set of chains for my summit. I ended up making them universal for any of my summits tires. Once I was done I got a wild hair and decided to make links hanging off staggered on each cross chain. Not sure if it will help but looks mean. I also found out that they may not work to well on the mid slingers. The tread is to deep and the chain falls in-between the Lugs.

First thing I did was find something round that's a little bit bigger then my wheels. A roll of duct tape was perfect. I wrapped the chain around that and made that my length. Ended up being 24 links. So I made 8 of them.

Then I decided to make my cross sections. At first I went with 7 links across but it was a little to loose. So then I did 6 And it was a bit to tight. So I staggered 6 and 7 and made 8 of them for each tire.

Note the chain falling into the Lugs

Here is where I got the wild hair. As you can see I put 2 links on one cross section and then 3 on the next.

If any one else has done that or is willing to do that to theirs, let me know. I don't have any snow yet so feed back would be awesome.