Well the virus finally came alive and I had to put the MMM/2200 caste combo that I had laying around into my summit and used an old monster truck nitro body I had as well, first let me say I was surprised that with stock gearing and version 1.24 software loaded on the esc with all setting to low, that the truck is not that bad for slow driving the cogging wasn't bad at all, but when I geared up to 18/65 the cogging became evident during low speed running, but hey I live in Florida not a whole lot to crawl on around my house but there sure is a lot of grass and pavement and the trencher x's are great here's a couple photos
I also moved my toe links to the outer most hole on the a arm and loaded a milder throttle curve in the castle link settings, it is a blast for sure I have an erbe sitting in pieces and said let me just try it out lol I likes it a lot. Maybe I'll start saving after Christmas and get a Tekin system but for now this works fine.

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