Hey guys, I have a few questions regarding lipo chargers, and lipos. I've been planning on getting 2 Traxxas nimh 5000mah batterys for my Summit down the road. But, after looking at lipo prices and specs, now I'm not so sure what I want to get. I just found for the same price that 2 Traxxas nimh 5000mah batterys would cost, I can get two SPC 2s 8200mah lipos, for the same price! Wow, that sounds good! Untill I realized I would have to buy a lipo charger... So, what would be a good lipo charger under $120, that would be good enough to help my lipos (If I got lipos) last a long time. I also still want a charger that could almost guarantee that they wouldn't get damaged, puffed, or runined if I used it properly. (<My mom's wishes. )
I just want to get a good enough charger, so that down the road I won't wish that I got a better one. So want to get a charger that I can be happy with, and enjoy, and get one that would be good for lipos. Thanks! -Wolfslash16