Hi all..

Ive gone from Nitro Revo to E and need as much help as possible..

already having kittens trying to get my head around charging my batteries... (posted thread in chargers) if you feel up to the task of explaining this to me..

I baught the truck a few weeks ago and only managed to get it running for around 40 minutes now.
runnin on stock 8.4V 7cell Nimh its ok, running it on 6s Lipo was a parts breaker... in ten minutes I broke 2x driveshafts and melted my spur, failed the bearing and ruined the slipper cluch, pressure plate and hub..

I replaced the material pads with Alloy and tightened up the slipper but haven't ran 6s since.. I am thinking of running them parallel so at 3s 9000Mah.. what gearing should I be running on the differant batteries nad stuff..

any other info or support with kepping the truck good is much appreciated.