I finally got the proper sealed Diffs that are for the 3.3 that have the seals and use the silicone dif fluid (oil) to adjust the Limited slippness of the diffs. I was told that Stock the 3.3 comes with 30K Weight Silicone yet that seemed to me to be to light so I went to 50K and it still seemed a Bit Light so I went to 100K.
Now this may sound weird but the front running the 50K seemes stiffer then teh rear running 100K.
Is there a Trick to making sure you get the Diff full so no air will mix with the silicone and cause it to lose its stiffness?
I was sure expecting the 100K to be quite a bit stiffer then the 30K but it does not seem to be working so well for me and I think I may have done something incorrect when I emptied out the Old fluid and added the 100K.
Do I need to fill the diff with the weight I want and let it sit for a certain amount of time to settle before I assemble the carrier? any SUggestions or Ideas what may be going south here?
I can surely tell by comparing the 30K to the 100K but am not getting the reaction from the diff itself.
I do not want to go to a Locked/ Spool but may be my only option to get the results I want, I happen to end up on 2 wheels a lot and could ride it out and drive off if I could get the power down to the wheel on the ground but I end up just stopping and falling over no matter what throttle control I attempt to use.
I think there is only 120K, 150K, 500K and 1,000K or at least I seen on listed as 1,000K not sure if there is a 1,000K or not.