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    SBOTI's QR-1 and experience... On-going

    Hello Traxxas forum. Well, I thought I would start up a thread to give my experience with this little Quad. I saw it first when a co-worked picked one up and brought it to work. Being a 20 year RC addict, I couldn't beleave how cool it looked and how small it was. I just had to have one to add to my collection. So I searched and finally decided on a green one from Ebay for $87 shipped. Not too bad seeing that I would spend that on a few parts for my 1/5th scale Losi 5-ive or HPI bajas that I race on a regular basis. Anyway, I'm really happy that I decided to pick it up.

    It's a mean looking little booger!

    So I opened the package and threw the 2 batteries on the charger. Flipped through the manual and waited for the lights to go off on the charger. 30 minutes later, lights were off and I could only be found out in the garage. Followed the steps to reset the stabalizers and set it on the ground. Slowly gave it throttle and straight off she went into a very stable hover.... WOW.... This thing is really nice! A few clicks here and there and she wasn't moving at all! Hands off, what a dream! Messed around in the garage for a few minutes more and the lights started to flash. About 7 minutes.... Not too bad but I tell you what, I'm going to be ordering some more batteries!!!

    Brought it into the house where I had a little more room and set the transmitter to expert mode. Wow, it's pretty touchy if you're not ready for it! But after a few minutes, I had it under control and was running around the house chasing my Jack-Russell around. Practice landing it on my laptop, dinner table, and coffee table. It's really fun and I hope I get some time tomorrow, before the sun goes down, to take her outside and try some flips and rolls.

    Anyway, I stoked about this little quad and I'll be updating this thread as I fly some more. I'm on quite a lot of other forums so I hope to be around here as well. Please let me know if you guys have any questions and I'll see if I can help you out.

    Take an easy and keep the blades up!!! That's unless your flipping it around.
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