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    batteries most proper for a mamba monster motor

    im probably going to put a mamba monster in my FUTURE summit or e-revo (still desiding)so i was wondering which batteries would be the best for that particular motor. as the longest lasting and powerful (as if it wasn't enough). so guys if you have that motor or know anything just post it thx .

    also i will be doing some off-road (in woods), dirt track (in a local parking lot), on asphalt, and on grass so if you would recommend the summit or the revo just say so too thx a lot again.

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    I would say revo would be better for your use.
    Spc 8000 mah 2s lipo would be a good choice for the mamba

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    If your wanting speed, get an Erevo. If you want a go anywhere, go over most, get a Summit. A Summit isnt designed for speed, the tires balloon badly, a MM will destroy your locking diffs. I have both and I wish someone gave me this advice. Buy an Erevo, get a great Lipo Charger, get some SPC Lipos and have a blast with your Erevo.

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    Don't buy the Summit if you're thinking about getting a Mamba Monster for it. Get the E-Revo.
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    You want an ERBE... Pick up a set of SPC 2S 50C lipos (they have them in different MAH capacities) and you'll be all set. My ERBE on 4S is more than enough, on 6S its simply not driveable in most situations.

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    The MMM/2200 will run 28mph on just a single 3cell lipo. and 18/68 gearing with stock tires (adding in .5" tire ballooning) I run 2 3300 2S lipos for a total of 6600 3S.

    It rans a bit faster than stock and way more torque. I know a low geared 4S setup is more efficient with low control and the extra volts for speed, but if you got access to cheaper 3 cells, it will work. It does for me.
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