hello so i got what started out as a pede but has the slash chassis. i know that there more or less the same truck but i was wondering what the community thought. is it a pede still or a slash i have a bug body and some kind of buggy body for it. so let me know what you think.

ok next questione i seen the shape shiffter on you tube and have looked at a lot of pics here and im stuck should i go with the truggy set up or the 4x4 rusty. i will do some offroading but mostly grass and street.

last question what do you think is better rpm a-arms or proline a-arms. i have the proline on it already but i kinda want the rpm for the color im not a big fan of all black. thank you for reading and you imput. i will post some pics when i get it put back together dumb curb jummped out in front of me and you know what happens next. OUCH