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    Stephan81's Rally Build #2

    That's right guys, I am building a seconds rally for my fleet. I am building it as I would love for my son or a friend etc... to come bashing with me. Would be loads of fun with 2 of us in a parking lot ripping it up drifting and making little courses with pilons etc... That, and this thing is so sweet who wouldn't want 2 LOL.

    Converting what was my Sl4sh PE. I have all the PE parts still to go on it. Aluminum Castors, and F/R carriers, Sway Bars, all RPM Arms, Towers, MIP CVD's front and Rear. (Still need to install all these parts on it as I was planning on putting them on Rally #1. But decided rally #1 will be all Gun Metal Aluminum).

    Here's what it sits like at the moment! Soon it will be a Rally.

    And here's what I ordered to convert it to a Rally. The chassis is out of stock till late December, so it will still be a bit until this thing is complete. Note: some of that order is for my Rustler as well, like the GeoLandars, and other odds and ends.

    This sucker will be powered by a Castle 2400kv with a ET-3's ESC.

    I already have numerous sets of tires and wheels for it that would fit, also a new set of stockers. And I also have a few bodies as you guys I am sure have seen from my 1'st build.

    Had to order nerf bars, bulkheads, mounts, skidplates, motor plate, gear cover, battery hold downs, steering linkage. Looks like the Foam bumper is on Ebay and a few other things. Chassis is no where to be found

    Stay tuned!!
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