So I decided to build a Jato Dragster after seeing a few on here.....I have the Traxxas funny car and really wish there was a nitro powered variant...and after a littler searching I ran across a member on here building his own dragster kits using the Jato platform!....PERFECT!! I snatched up a Jato and starting testing in stock form to acquire a baseline.

Testing tonight went well. The faithful 3.3 propelled the JATO to a 3.0@54mph in 132ft. Not bad for a 2wd nitro wheelie machine!....and it was carrying the front wheels all the way down the track...huge problem when you need to steer!...haha.

Next up I will be testing the brand new RLC Performance Drag conversion chassis for the JATO....I cant even begin to say how excited I am to see this thing in person!...more details as I get them.