As some of you may know I recently bought a spartan. But, as you also may know, I wasnt thrilled with it. Its by far the coolest LOOKING boat ive ever seen and it handles great but I only have 2S packs and wasnt pumped about how fast it is. It really needs 5 or 6S to be impressive. (which is what its designed for so its not the boats fault at all)

My dad is somewhat into RC helicopters. Just the dual rotor ones that are super easy to fly but he DOES have a lipo charger and considers himself to be "mildly" into RC in some form. But he has never shown any interest in land or water based RC. But when he saw the Snap-On spartan he was pretty interested.

Then I told him I was going to sell it and he looked kind of disappointed. (similar to how he looks most of the time I tell him I BOUGHT a new RC). The next day he asked me if I was still selling the boat and if I had it listed anywhere. I said yes and he asked how much I was asking. I told him that all I wanted was what I had into it. He said "thats a cool boat, do you think that would be a good boat for me"... naturally I said yes. He said he'd think about it and told me tonight he wants it. My mom is going to give it to him for christmas and Tom from SPC is going to bring him one 2S and one 3S pack when he comes up here to ride sleds this winter. Im also happy that the spartan is staying in the family. Its such a cool looking setup. I wasnt pumped about letting it go.

Long story short, my dad now has a boat. Which is great. Now im not the only one. Im guessing my brother will likely need to get one now too. But he ALWAYS has to do things way bigger and better than everyone else so im guessing he'll end up with a great big gasser of some kind. Oh well.

Just thought id share my story.

Now if I could only get them in SC trucks we could build a sweet track and do some racing. One can only hope.