Took the 2200kv Powered XO1 out to the Lowes parking lot, and to be honest it did not do so good. I was flying however as I did get it up to about 70mph with only 500 feet to run. But the car feels almost uncontrollable. I know I was at my limit just at 70 before the car could go in a direction I do not want it to go. I wasn't the best surface, very uneven. But I was wondering what is the best set up to do a "Controllable" speed pass. Stiff shocks? Soft shocks? What shock oil? Alignment? Any advice would be great.

I will be taking the car to a different road on Tuesday morning around 2am to avoid any traffic/people. The road is A LOT smoother and 4 lanes wide. So I will do a true speed pass soon. Thx!!!