Hey guys, I'm new to the RC world and just picked up my first vehicle which is a Revo 3.3. I've always wanted to get into these things as they look like a blast to race and modify. I'm having some trouble getting a clear answer to one of my first modifications. I'd like to get, if possible, a rollcage that mounts under the plastic body. It appears that Integy has a unit like this, but I cant get a clear answer on this and it does not seem to be avaliable yet to purchase.http://www.integy.com/cgi-bin/webc.c...587&p_catid=73

I also found another roll cage on their site which appears to be avaliable for purchase, but again cant get an answer if this fits under the body? http://www.integy.com/cgi-bin/webc.c...960&p_catid=73

Sorry for the noob questions, but just trying to get a little protection for my new investment! Thanks in advance.