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    Front Suspension Axel Carrier

    So i recently cracked my front left axel carrier and i was wondering if any of you fellow merv owners have any cheap solutions i tried epoxy a few times and it doesnt wanna hold it together i would just buy one but at the moment i dont have the few bux it costs to get it. So anyways, any cheap solutions would be appreciated.

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    i use ultra-glue, it glues anything! i forgot to say that i wrap the breaking point with lcd tv cleaning cloth, to give more strenght to the joint, and aplly more ultra-glue! this should work fine!
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    If you don't have the money for aftermarket go to ebay

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    The front takes on a lot more abuse than the rear. I would attempt to swap out the front for the rear on the opposite side, it might have a better chance surviving in the rear than the front.
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    stock carriers are no good mine last about 2 yrs almost 3 but when they failed they failed i tried fixing them but was a waste so i went with rpm and its been good so far.
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