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I was just checking out my set up for long arms.... 3.25" on a standard Tekno connected to xo1 gives me these longer arms

Yours are gonna be " longer than my mod ..... I think you went to far. But from what I can figure, either my shafts set up (can't even be used on a standard slash because the jam the diff at half way compressed shock) or Tekno axles, and your shafts may just cut it. Here's my mod with the arm level, steering turned full for max amount out of the cup

There its jamming the diff.... if yours is to long, this may be the way to go.
i just recieved those cvd's (picture above) and yep they are way too long now that i mated it with the XO-1 stub axles, its hitting the diff output shaft. so now i'm going with your route, time to hunt for tekno cvd's lol.