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Thread: Slash bumpers

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    Slash bumpers

    So I've seen quite a few Stampede's with Slash bumpers, front and/or rear.
    What has the experience been like using these?
    Are they good basher bumpers? How do they compare to RPM bumpers?
    Just wanted some opinions on these outside of the obvious appearance difference.
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    i have only used the rpm slash bumper

    but noticible diffrence is that front weight not much but enought to sofen up the front suspension

    for positives. protects alot good for front ons with curbs, bush and solid objects
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    Rpm Slash 2wd front bumper for the win. I kick the tar outta my truck and the bumper is the only part ive never broken and i land on it a lot! Lol My truck is also nearly double the stock pede weight and ive been running this bumper for over 1.5yrs.


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    I've been using the Slash RPM front bumper for a good while now to. I actually run it on 2 pedes and a slash. They are amazing and I have yet to break one. I've tested the strength of it many times on my Slash, on my 1080 ramp and at the local sk8te park. It is by far one of the best and most needed upgrades.
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    I have the rear bumper.......It works great!!!!!!lhoods up!

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    +1 to the RPM Slash front bumper. I like the look and it is extremely durable. The other plus is that it makes a great carrying handle.
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    It is huge, and protects the front end better than any pede bumper.
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