hello everyone, my name is chris, and iv been into rc's now since i was 12. im now 30 and still going strong.
iv been into the 1/5th scale thing for a while but that just got boring and no where to run hardly without getting the cops called or making the neighbors mad. so a friend of a friend hooked me up with a slightly used (5 runs) RTR summit, and he took my baja 1/5th scale stuff. i also got a complete setup of FPV gear too, but im currently redoing it. i gotta say this summit is bad to the bone!, even though i cant shift into high gear due to a fried servo, its still fun crawling over stuff that i couldnt do before. here is a few pictures enjoy. i also have many more cars then this summit lol.

i took the new body that i bought back on 06 for my MGT, and decided to mount it on the summit instead!

took it out yesterday before and was having a great time till i broke a tie rod on the rear,

other then that this truck has been great, not to happy with the 3000mah batterys but that will soon