My top speed on my spartan so far is 26.3 mph running on stock nimh battery packs. It is carrying a gps which weighs 7ozs and is located in front of the motor. Maybe the weigh of the gps is keeping the nose down and slowing the boat down. Only thing I have modify is the water cooling system. Bored out the water pick up in the rudder and put in a "y" splitter for the esc and motor with 2 independent water port exits. I just brought a rudder with dual water pickups.

I would like to hit or break 30mph on my stock set up before upgrading it. Is this possible? I all ready try difference position of the batteries. Also re-adjusted transom to factory specs. I plan on looking into my throttle trim ? I would like to achieve this with out using lipos! Using Lipos is too easy I like a challenge and Traxxas said it should able to do it. Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated.