As you know, I have the Mamba Monster in my slash 2wd (ESC and motor), But I am going to get LiPOs, so I need your suggestions for "set-up" the ESC...I already have the Castle Link and everything....:

1-I am going to use 2x 2s, so is the same of one 4s...What is your option on "Cutoff voltage"?

2-If you use "Auto LiPO" on "Cutoff voltage", What voltage you use per cell? 3.3v, 3.4v, 3.5v ...etc?

3-What is the minimum of amps I need for use my ESC? I read somewhere the minimum is 120A for ERBEs but I know those trucks are big and 4x4 so I think is a bit different (lower amps) for my slash 2wd, Right?

I think that's it...

Thanks for reading

P.S.: Here is the link of my slash with the mamba monster: