Hello guys, i'm working on a little bit of project for my summit, maybe i'll post later, but for now there are a few questions i'd like to ask before i start with my project, its about electrical wiring for the bec n servo plus light unit.

Okayy, lets start with bec and servo wiring.
I'm going to use 2 fitec servo, each of them is 15kg, and i'm going to use CC BEC for this.
So my questions are :
1. There's a build thread that showing the CC BEC could be wired one for the 3 small servo, and the other one for the steering servo, how exactly am i gonna do this ?

2. Is it okayy if i use only 1 bec for all of the servos ?

And the other questions is about led light :
1. What battery should i use to power my led so they can shine as bright as they could ?

Maybe that's all for now, all kind of explanations and helps will be very useful for me, cheers guys !!!