I have to admit I am impressed with the durability of the Traxass Slash, I bought my then 5yr old a Traxass Slash for Christmas 2 years ago. He has beaten the crap out of it and it keeps on going. We are on his 4th titan motor(the only weak spot on the truck as far as I'm concerned). With the exception on the nerf bars he broke his first part on it racing indoors on carpet this past October. We race on a small carpet track indoors in the winter and on a large outdoor 1/8th scale track in the summer. he bashes the crap out of it outside summer and winter. He broke the front hub on the right side, I replaced them both with STRC aluminum pieces that I bought over a year earlier off a friend that had sold his slash, I figured what the heck he is gonna break one sooner or later. The only other upgrades I did is a Spektrum radio matched with a reciever I already had, a nice $75 upgrade. I have been running him with an old Venom 5000mah 25c lipo and just got him an SMC 5000mah 30c for $25 and man does that thing rip, SMC also has other higher mah and higher C rates for cheap and they are great packs.

I have been on here reading for a while now but never posted before, but I am really impressed with how ong this truck has lasted and how durable it is, thanks Traxass for putting out a great product.