So I've been playing around with my slash 2WD for awhile, heaving ton of fun, but….
It looks to me that this specific car (or maybe all of this 2WD with back driven wheels) is very hard to control.
I can't start hard on the acceleration because it immediately starts spinning around and get out of control, and also when going straight it's hard to keep a straight line.
Battery is stock Traxxas !
If I'm trying to corner, it have to be really slow or else it will lose track and will spin with over steering etc…

I've tried many deferent settings on the front shocks.
Rear shocks where replaced with a 1/8 shocks and Traxxas oil as the rear end was way over bottoming on every small jump.
Front shocks springs where replaced with the rear springs which are same stiffness but a little bit longer, by doing that, there is no more need for the spring preloads (plastic clips).

I've also tried different gearing, moved to a lower speed and higher speed than stock but no luck.

Sure a 4x4 is probably easier to control but I think the biggest problem of the 2WD loosing front traction is due to un proper weight balance, it looks like the frontend is much lighter than the rear-end which cause the front wheels to raise (whilly) on any acceleration or small bump and there for losing control.
What do you thing guys ?