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    8 cell 9.6V for slash?

    Hello everyone

    I would like to know if using the 8 cell 9.6v battery on the slash 2wd brushed will make it go any faster than my 7 cell pack.

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    Yes it will,1.2 volts faster to be exact.
    But if your looking to perches this battery,which must be NiMh,I would first entertain a 7.4 volt lipo,as the NiMh will only hold that voltage for a short time,the lipo will last twice as long,and hold the 7.4 volts to low voltage shut down,and weigh half as much.
    However lipo battery's require better more advanced chargers.
    If this is for a child,the NiMh would be best,if you intend to up date in the near future,you might want to look at the lipo.
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