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    $6 drifting tires (tires???)

    So i bought these at a local store that Paul Menard drives for in nascar not sure if i can use the name of the store that MENARD drives for ;-) . So i found these and they looked better than the regular white pvc pipe and the 2" white pvc doesnt exactly fit these rims. They come in gray and here is the label.
    and look like this. I used a dremel with a cut off wheel to take off the outside lip. Then used a sander to clean up the cut side. I used hot glue on the inside and made a full run. It is a blast to drift and i feel its a good way to practice drifting as a newby. Here is the car with them on after one run. nice thing is when or if they wear out they can easily by switched out. I did have one wheel come loose my fault just threw them on and went for it. I will dye them black and shape the edges to simulate a tire better, and hot glue them on better.
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